Guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani’s new studio album is just a week away


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The Elephants of Mars marks Satriani’s 19th studio album

Guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani’s new album The Elephants of March is a week away, marking the legendary guitarist’s 19th studio album in over 35 years of music.

What do you want to know:

  • Guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani’s new album The Elephants of March is in a week.
  • The album was born out of a productive worker’s vacation due to the pandemic.
  • The guitarist has challenged himself to create a ‘new standard’ for instrumental guitar albums

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Satriani describes her latest single “Faceless” as being about loneliness.

“When the person you want to see for who you really are doesn’t seem to recognize you.” He continues: “It is also a commentary on a society where people really know each other less and less and are less and less separated by their differences rather than being united for their common hopes and dreams. The solo section represents his true self finally released.

Joe Satriani has had a productive working vacation with the time away from the road induced by the pandemic, which has ultimately given him and his touring band – all recording remotely in separate parts of the world during the locking – the ability to deliver an album-long journey that never gets boring.

The guitarist challenged himself to create a “new standard” for instrumental guitar albums, one that would operate from a “new platform of his own design”, as he describes it.

“I want to show people that an instrumental guitar album can contain a lot more creative and entertaining elements than what I think people are using right now.”

The Elephants of March truly represents the album that Satriani himself hoped he could deliver with his band.

“We have done everything. We tried the craziest ideas. And we entertained all the ideas we had about flipping something upside down, seeing what might happen.

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