Graham Bonnet Band’s new studio album to feature guest appearance by Deep Purple’s Don Airey


Graham Bonnet announced that he is currently recording a new studio album with his fellow students Celestial Stone of Beth-Ami (low), Conrad Pesinato (guitar) and Mark Zonder (drums). In addition to the main group, some special guests will lend their talents to the album, including the legendary keyboardist Don Airey (DARK PURPLE, RAINBOW). The names of other guests will be revealed in the coming weeks, so be sure to tune in. Grahamon social media to see these ads.

Explain Cap: “Similar to the first two albums, it will reflect different eras of my career, but with a contemporary twist. In addition, we have distinguished guests including Don Airey and more to be announced. I’m very excited to be playing on an album with put on again. Besides being my longtime friend and former bandmate, he is one of the most amazing musicians I have had the pleasure of playing with. He’s a “real” keyboardist… a classically trained pianist. I am also delighted to play with the original members of the BAND GRAHAM BONNET: Celestial Stone of Beth-Ami who has been my constant partner (on stage and off stage) since I met in 2012, guitarist Conrado Pesinato, whose innate musical style sparks some of my best compositions, and the iconic Mark Zonder (WARNING OF DESTINIES, MILITARY CHIEF) to the battery. “

The album is slated for release in the summer of 2021. Fans can follow Grahamon social media for regular updates on the album recording.

Cap is a hard rock legend with a pedigree to back this claim. His passages with RAINBOW, MSG, ALCATRAZZ and IMPELLITTERI to prove that he is one of the best rock singers of his generation. The next album will be on BAND GRAHAM BONNETthird exit with Borders Music Srl, following the well-received and critically acclaimed “The book” and “In the meantime, back to the garage”.

Two years ago, Cap told a Japanese journalist Masa ito that he was glad he was still fit enough to survive the rigors of the road.

“Everyone is a baby compared to me,” he said. “I’ll be 72 soon – a very old man. I’m fine – I’m fine. I’m very happy to be in good health. Many of my friends have died – many people I have known have died in the over the past two or three years, happy to walk and smile again.

Ask by The Rockpit how he manages to keep his voice in such good shape, Cap said, “Keep smoking, keep drinking. No, no …. I quit drinking a while ago – well, a long time ago; about 15 years ago, something like that. I don’t. don’t smoke, I don’t drink at all now, and I don’t eat foods that will necessarily poison my body, irritate my throat. I try as much as possible to be careful what I do, but it is not always there Some days it’s not always there, like today I just got off tour and I’m tired. I caught myself in rehearsal yesterday, thought I better go out and to sing with the band, I had just got off a plane, we all rehearse at home here, and so I decided to go in and sing a few songs and I just kept singing, and I thought , “Bimey! My voice is still there after all that travel and sleepless nights. “I just got very lucky, I think. There are a lot of people my age. [who have] lost lung power, and that’s what it is. You really rely on your lungs to produce the notes. [It’s] fairly obvious, but to touch the highest notes, to have flexibility in the voice, [it] must pass through the air that passes through your body into the vocal cords, and if that is gone, you are out of control. I was very lucky to have my grandfather’s lungs. He had a huge chest, like a greyhound, and that’s about my build. So you just have to be careful not to stress because sometimes stress can ruin performance, we all know that and that’s why people drink. “Oh, my God, I can’t go on tonight. I can’t face it. But I got past that, and I say, “I think I can do this,” and I usually do. “

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