Ghanaians don’t listen to EPs, albums; they like single people


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Source: Osafo Daniel


Yaw Tog is a Ghanaian rapper

Ghanaian rapper Yaw Tog has revealed why his other singles aren’t trending like his hit song ‘Sore’.

According to Yaw Tog, the desire of Ghanaians to listen to singles compared to albums is very low. He made this known during an interview with blogger ZionFelix.

Asking why his other songs don’t hit like ‘Sore’, he replied, “Ghanaians don’t like to listen to EPs and albums. They like singles, I got the numbers from different countries, UK, Nigeria, many countries,” Yaw Tog told Zionfelix.

Yaw Tog also revealed that despite what some entertainment experts have predicted about his career, he is still forging a path in the music industry.

“Everything is good. I’m still working. I tried to release an EP very soon. So I’m working in the studio. I just want to release an EP every year. You see, it’s also money. I get the Nigeria numbers. That was the plan, and I get it, so I like it. So as far as the numbers make sense, I’ll keep going down. I’m not rich yet, but I’m getting there.

“I feel that others older than me have not reached the level that God has brought to me. And every day, I thank God. Without him, we wouldn’t be here,” concluded Yaw Tog.

Yaw Tog also added that all it takes to create a banger is to cast a simple spell using words of affirmation and courage to seal it in the universe. “Music is spiritual. I would say it’s a feeling because I think the song would be a hit. When you have the courage to say that this song is going to blow, it will be done”.


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