Gallops returns with the first in a series of machine learning-assisted singles


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By Andy Malt | Posted on Wednesday July 6th 2022

The gallops are back with ‘Boolean Who?’, the first in a series of singles that see the trio take electronic music a step further and experiment with machine learning in their creation.

“These tracks are also about stripping down our sound and creating something more direct and visceral,” says the band’s Mark Huckridge. “We’ve always been interested in club culture and we’re the ones letting that shine through, working less on the melody and focusing more on the rhythmic elements and how they interact with each other, not being afraid to let the repeating things”.

‘Boolean Who?’ – and the other singles to come – see Gallops working with the machine learning research project Magenta, which introduces randomization and chance into their musical creation, as well as the use of experimental studio techniques influenced by figures like the innovator dub King Tubby.

“While I had always been more comfortable composing with guitars, I found that feeling of comfort — of muscle memory — worked against me,” Huckridge continues. “Muscle memory is not a problem with technology, it has no influences or ego”.

“So while technology has always been a big part of Gallops and the creative process, this time around the machines have been collaborators as well as sound-making tools. I’m interested in this battle of the push and pull with the machines in the creative process. They produce variations that sound a bit biased, a bit inhuman, and that’s exciting for me in terms of composition.”

Watch the video for ‘Boolean Who?’ here:



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