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With the closing ceremony just five days away, the Beijing Winter Olympics are now past their halfway point.
Europe continues to dominate the medal table but several events remain to be won
We have our Olympic correspondent Han Seong-woo back in the studio with the latest news.
Seong-woo, the women’s singles short figure skating program has finally started

That’s right, Conn-young, women’s figure skating, THE jewel of the Winter Olympics, is taking place right now at the Capital Indoor Stadium in Beijing and will soon be performing its short programs representing South Korea during its first Winter Olympics 2020. Champion You Young and Four Continents 2022 bronze medalist Kim Ye-lim.
You, in particular, have been touted by some in the country as Kim Yuna and the Korean team’s most likely next bet for a medal.
But experts say she’ll have to land her signature triple axel perfectly to try to clinch a podium spot against the most technically skilled skaters in the Russian Olympic Committee.
Among them is heavy favorite to win, Kamila Valieva, who faced great controversy for being allowed to compete in Tuesday’s competition despite failing a drug test ahead of the Games .
Citing “exceptional circumstances” and the fact that Valieva is a “protected person” (quote) under the rules of the World Anti-Doping Agency, the Court of Arbitration for Sport on Monday upheld an earlier decision by the Russian Anti-Doping Agency to lift a interim measure. the superstar’s 15-year suspension before a full investigation.
Valieva will take to the ice amid growing backlash against the ruling, including from other competitors and from Kim Yuna herself, who posted on Instagram yesterday that doping violators, without exception, do not must not participate in the Games.
If Valieva finishes on the podium, there will be no ceremony, according to the International Olympic Committee.
The medal ceremony for the team competition has also been postponed.

Very controversial. Hopefully everything will be settled transparently in the future. Now Seong-woo, I heard that the men’s speed skating team just finished their team pursuit.

That’s right.
The Korean team lost to Canada in the C Final to finish sixth in the event, a far cry from their home silver in PyeongChang four years ago.
Norway was finally crowned the men’s team pursuit champion in just over three minutes and 38 seconds, winning back-to-back titles.
The women’s gold medal, meanwhile, went to the Canadians who set a new Olympic record beating Japan with a time of two minutes and 53.4-4 seconds.

Let’s move on to today’s other events, Seong-woo. Chinese freestyle skier Eileen Gu won another medal?

Yes, she has a silver medal in the women’s freestyle skiing slopestyle event.
At the end of her third and final run, Gu finished second to Mathilde Gremaud of Switzerland by the slimmest of margins, just zero, three-three points short of the gold medalists’ second run.
It’s now two medals for Gu, who has already become the poster child for Beijing 2022 for choosing to represent China and winning big air gold.
The eighteen-year-old was born in San Francisco to an American father and a Chinese mother.
In alpine skiing, Swiss Corinne Suter won her first Olympic medal. winning gold and edging out defending champion Sofia Goggia of Italy to claim the women’s downhill title.
Switzerland, with Suter’s gold, has four gold medals and seven medals in total in alpine skiing at the Beijing Games, the two most among any country.

Let me also snowboard
Su Yiming became China’s first Olympic snowboarding champion, following his unexpected silver in the men’s slopestyle to claim gold in this afternoon’s big air event by scoring an untouchable 93 on his second run .
Her win came after Austria’s Anna Gasser won the women’s big air title, defending her PyeongChang 2018 crown to become one of only four women to win multiple gold medals in snowboarding.

Incredible feats. Finally, Seong-woo, tomorrow is a big day for Korean short track as they aim for another medal in the men’s 5,000 meter relay.
Do you see us winning a medal, or maybe even winning, the event?

Most likely, Conn-young.
You know what they say about short track at the Winter Olympics, that’s what archery is for Korea at the Summer Games.
I’d say gold is definitely within reach if ace Hwang Dae-heon, Lee June-seo, Park Jang-hyuk, Kim Dong-wook, and veteran Kwak Yoon-gy all execute their game plans so strategic.
The four will face rivals China, ROC, Canada and Italy tomorrow at around 9:30 p.m. KST.
A little before them, Choi Min-jeong, Kim A-lang and Lee Yu-bin will skate in the quarterfinals of the women’s 1,500 meters.
Choi Min-jeong holds the world record for the event, so she’s definitely a contender for gold, but she’ll have to compete better with Suzanne Schulting, who narrowly beat Choi to gold in the 1,000 meters.
I guess they both arrive at the final scheduled for ten twenty, of course.
But that’s all tomorrow.
Don’t forget the two-man bob event which takes place tonight at 9:15 p.m.
A medal does not seem within reach for the Korean team, but the duos Won Yoon-jong, Kim Jin-su and Suk Young-jin, Kim Hyeong-geun will be in competition.

Looking forward to everything. Thanks again, Seong-woo. Well see you tomorrow.

Thank you.


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