Excision releases their fifth studio album, “Onyx”


Today is the day many have been waiting for – the official release of female circumcision fifth studio album, Onyx. Published via Excision’s own Grant label, Onyx is the welcome continuation of 2018 Mountain peak and a perfect way to kick off 2022.

The 17-track LP features collaborations with Sullivan King, Don Timmer, Kai Wachi, Kompanyand more, as well as multiple identifiers. ‘Cough drop’ is a long-awaited credential that Excision has sat on for years, and fans can now rest in the knowledge that this jaw-dropping masterpiece has finally seen the light of day.

On the trippy side of bass music is “Osiris”, an extraordinary piece that will immediately induce against the bass. ‘Temporary Blue’ offers something completely different with its downtempo vibe and the bubbling voice of Natalie Major.

‘End of the world’ starring Dion Timmer is a remake of the 1963 classic of the same name by Skeeter Davis. With the voice of Donna Tellathe modernized track is melodic and uplifting, a break with some of the heaviness present throughout the album. But Excision doesn’t stop there with the melodic dubstep tracks; ‘Return to Life’ and the previous published ‘Salvation’ are both softer, providing more atmospheric soundscapes for Subsidia fans Dawn series.

Onyx comes just a week before the official Lost Lands 2022 tickets go on sale. You can get more information and sign up to be notified here.


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