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It’s time for us to continue a monthly tradition here at ESCUnited now that Eurovision has died down, the new music roundup! June was certainly a busy time for Eurovision alumni, as almost 53 new songs and music videos were released on Youtube throughout the month. So far, twelve artists from Turin have posted their first single following last month’s contest, and in order to cover them all, we’ve decided to split our article into two parts – but for now enjoy the new music!

Brooke Scullion – Tongues (Ireland)

Despite failing to make the Eurovision grand final in Turin, Brooke has advanced to perform at Glastonbury Festival, a Dublin pride party, and is set to perform at Eurofest in the UK this month. And between all that and Eurovision, she released her new single “Tongues”. Speaking about the song, Brooke said it was “a very personal song, it’s about a love language, what you call speaking in tongues”. It is described as a summertime dance-pop anthem and was written by Brooke, LAWRENT and Christopher Markey. Be sure to add it to your playlist rotation!

Amanda Tenfjord – All In (Greece)

She went to Eurovision and made the top 10 in the final, then got her medical degree and just released her first post-Eurovision single. Amanda’s new song “All In” marks a return to the pop music she was known for creating before Turin, blending her unique voice with driving beats and deep lyrics. On her Instagram, Amanda said the song is about “trusting your instincts when it comes to love” and reviews are pouring in from all over Europe – it’s a bop! The song was co-written by Amanda and Bjørn Helge Gammelsæter who worked on “Die Together”, Bjarte from Presno Borthen and Hilde Skaar (also known as SKAAR).

Ronela Hajati – Caramel (Albania)

Albanian artists are churning out summer bangers left and right this year, and it looks like Ronela caught wind of the trend. The song is even faster than her Eurovision song “Sekret” and features vibrant colors including pink, a choreographic dance break and outfits galore! The song was distributed by Warner Music Italy and made in partnership with her ONIMA label, and according to Ronela, it’s one of many Italian projects we’ll see from her. Marko Polo worked with Ronela on the song and was the producer of Ronela’s song “Sekret” and FiK Alban finalist’s song “Theje” in Festivali i Kenges 60. Other writers are Ronela herself, Andrea Papazzoni and Mario Meli, with Italian recording studio Gotham Dischi mastering the track.

The Rasmus – Rise (Finland)

Finnish rock band The Rasmus used Eurovision as their “second coming” and wasted no time in releasing a new single for new and old fans alike. The song “Rise” is from their upcoming album which will be released on September 23 this year and musically showcases a softer side of the group. Frontman Lauri told Blabbermouth the song is about battling depression and is rooted in his personal experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. The song was written by America’s Lauri and Desmond Child, but it’s not the first time they’ve worked together on a song, as Desmond Child was a writer and producer for their Eurovision 2022 song “Jezebel” and has produced their 2008 album “Black Roses”.

Subwoofer – Melocoton “The Donka Donk Song” (Norway)

The Space Wolves promised Eurovision fans that ‘Give that Wolf a Banana’ wouldn’t be their last song, and yesterday they delivered on that promise. A “Melocoton” is another name for a peach variety and serves as the inspiration for many song lyrics – subtle references to its back. The music video also sees the wolves in a brand new set of summer clothes and doing a brand new dance that will likely become a new TikTok trend. It seems like for now, if you give a wolf a peach and a banana, he’ll be ready for summer, but as the end of the music video proves Grandma may still be in danger….

Citi Zēni – Lieka Štuka (Latvia)

Europe’s favorite vegan Latvian band is back on stage with their new single ‘Lieka Štuka’, a witty song about the real value of money in society. According to the song’s description, the song was actually written two years ago, and recent gas prices have motivated the band to finally release it. Band member Dagnis Roziņš (also known as bands “Epic Sax Man” is the song’s lead vocalist and also features a choral arrangement. The song is written by fellow band member Roberts Memmēns (bass and vocalist ) and Toms Jēkabs Kagainis (drummer), with Dagnis Roziņš writing the song’s lyrics.

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