ERIC JOHNSON – Grammy-winning guitarist drops TWO new singles


ERIC JOHNSONthe prolific, Grammy Award-winning Austin-based songwriter and guitarist releases his second set of two new singles today, “Sitting on Top of the World” and “Love Will Never Say Goodbye” from his upcoming albums , The manufacturing book and Yesterday meets today. The duo of album releases will be available July 29, 2022 through its new partnership with Blue Élan Records. A pre-order is now available where fans will have the option to unlock Eric’s Takeouts, a collection of seven bonus tracks, when they purchase the two albums together.

Listen to “Sitting on Top of the World” and “Love Will Never Say Goodbye”

The supple, classic blues standard from The Book of Making, “Sitting On Top of The World,” popularized by Howlin’ Wolf, sits alongside a cut of Yesterday Meets Today, the timeless, mid-tempo “Love Will Never Say Goodbye.” . Says Johnson of the new songs, “Sitting On Top Of The World is a classic blues number that I’ve always loved. Howlin’ Wolf had a great version of it as well as Cream on their Wheels Of Fire record. I tried to do a slightly different version of this myself, but still respecting the original intent.” He continues, “‘Love Will Never Say Goodbye’ is a basic track I had years ago and I decided to add guitars, background vocals and percussion. There’s a bit of a Motown sensation that was a favorite era of music tome.”

It was during the mandatory ‘lockdown vacation’ we’ve all endured throughout 2020 when Johnson realised, ‘I’ve got time, let’s go through the vaults and see what’s there.’ What he found was enough material to emerge with two albums containing nine songs on each LP. The Grammy-winning multi-genre guitarist took inventory, both emotionally and musically, as he delved into the many unfinished tracks, outtakes, demos and sound ideas from his archive to compile the 18 songs that ultimately came together. on albums.

“I started pulling these recordings out of my studio vault. Some were professionally made, some were just scratch tapes, some were rehearsal tape recordings,” Johnson explains. The music spanned 25 years of “creations, thoughts and ideas that lay unfinished for many years” In some of the deeply moving music, Johnson discovered a “certain personal magic” and decided to leave the song cuts as “They were originally created. Others have been embellished; a few songs are new.

Johnson reflects, “As the road of life over the past two years has been unpredictable for all of us, I truly believe this leads to a brighter road of possibility.” Personal singer/guitarist goals are now closer, thanks to The Book of Making and Yesterday Meets Today. His hope? That “the thoughts, aspirations and revelations I’ve had while doing this project will help me move closer to my direction of direction to try to make my future music as emotionally positive and uplifting as possible.”

Johnson’s many accolades include a Grammy Award for “Cliffs of Dover” (a Platinum-certified track from his Ah Via Musicom record), ten other Grammy nominations, a lifetime induction into the Guitar Player Gallery of Greats, and his listed among the “100 Greatest Guitarists of the Twentieth Century” by Musician. In his hometown of Austin TX, a city full of guitarists, readers of the Austin Chronicle have voted ERIC JOHNSON “Best Electric Guitarist” and “Best Acoustic Guitarist” in town in their annual poll year after year. They also named him “Electric Guitarist of the Decade” and one of the top five “Musicians of the Decade”. He appears on the cover of the June 2022 issue of Guitar Player alongside Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, celebrating the anniversary of the first G3 Tour.


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