Eric Johnson announces two new albums, shares two lead singles, Soundtrack Life and Yesterday Meets Today


Guitar virtuoso Eric Johnson has announced not one but two new albums, The book of creation and Yesterday meets todayboth of which will arrive in full on July 29.

Released via Blue Élan Records – the label he has just teamed up with – both albums will feature 18 new tracks crafted by the electric guitar legend, who ushered in the monumental news by sharing lead singles from both discs.

The book of creationit is soundtrack life is classically Johnson, jam-packed with beautifully assembled, gain-dampened lead lines that traverse the fretboard via a mix of heavenly bends and sophisticated scales that carry a whiff of Cliffs of Dover.

Yesterday meets today, the title track of the second effort, boasts a similar bounty of guitar goodness, though adopts a decidedly more bluesy direction that Johnson exploits for a boatload of consistently exquisite six-string musings. He also takes the opportunity to soften his voice.

According to Johnson, the old track was first designed in 2017, although it only came to fruition last year. “It sounds like classic to me, I think,” he said. “What people might expect of me.”

“Although some other things are a bit off the beaten path,” he continued, “it’s always been in my heart and in my repertoire since I was a kid. But that doesn’t necessarily mean people associate that to me.

As for the rest of the material, The book of creation and Yesterday meets today were both put together during a “mandatory lockdown” vacation, during which Johnson scoured his own archives and came across countless outtakes, demos, unfinished tracks, and enough raw material to fill two albums.

Due to the breadth of Johnson’s vault, the two albums are expected to cover “25 years of creations, thoughts and ideas that lay unfinished for many years.”

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Eric Johnson album cover

Eric Johnson Yesterday Meets Today (Image credit: Press)
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Eric Johnson album cover

Eric Johnson The Book of Creation (Image credit: Press)

“I started pulling these recordings out of my studio vault. Some were professionally made, some were just scratch tapes, some were rehearsal tape recordings,” Johnson explained. .

“As the path of life over the past two years has been unpredictable for all of us, I truly believe this leads to a brighter road of possibility,” he continued, before adding that he hopes that the “thoughts, aspirations and revelations I had while doing this project will help [me] to make my future music as emotionally positive and uplifting as possible.

Both albums are available for pre-order now, and if purchased together they will arrive with a bonus Take away food pack, which includes seven other bonus tracks.

These will be Johnson’s first studio albums in two years, following the release of EJ Volume II in 2020.

Track listings for both albums are available below.

Yesterday meets today

  1. Move on
  2. Yesterday meets today
  3. It’s just the rain
  4. Maha
  5. Hold on to love
  6. Sitting on top of the world
  7. Dorsey takes a day off
  8. JVZ
  9. Till we Meet Again

The book of creation

  1. soundtrack life
  2. Floating through this world
  3. Love will never say goodbye
  4. bigger than my life
  5. Just to be with you
  6. To be alive
  7. Another like you
  8. my faith in you
  9. thousand miles

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