Ellie Holcomb: new studio album, ‘Canyon’ lights up a dark season


Singer and songwriter Ellie Holcomb knows all too well the hardships and burdens many feel in the world as we go through a difficult season.

She shares the ups and downs of her life and how God helped her through those times in her upcoming third studio LP, Canyon.

Canyon is a record on a deeper sadness and a higher hope, ”shares Ellie Holcomb. “A tornado ravaged our neighborhood, Covid-19 closed our country and canceled all our tours, racial tension was high following the death of George Floyd, Christmas morning started with a bomb that exploded in the downtown Nashville, the Capitol building was attacked and so many family friends have lost loved ones to the virus. “

“In many ways, writing and singing these songs made me feel like I found my way through a severe season of pain and grief.”

Canyon, the title track from his new album was well received, reaching hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

“We all know what it’s like to be broken, wide open by the pain and loss and heartbreak that we encounter here. We know the breaking,” says Holcomb. “We know the division, but there in the midst of all the chaos, where pain cuts a canyon in our very hearts, there is a river flowing through. There is a current of love that brings refreshment, hope and comfort. There is a river of love out there to carry us if we will only let it. There is a river to bring us home, to where we all came from, instead of belonging to the one who created us, to a place of belonging to one another. “

Holcomb hopes this new album will make people want to dance for the joy of knowing they are loved.

Canyon will be released on June 25 in partnership with Capitol Christian Music Group. This will mark the first release distributed by a label for the independent artist.

Today on Connections, Ellie shares the inspiration behind her new album and the beauty that came out of that dark season.


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