EELS presents “Extreme Witchcraft” album and a different sound with three new singles


Los Angeles rock band EELS previewed their new album “Extreme Witchcraft” with three new singles, and also appear to be heading in a new direction.

EELS released “The Magic”, “Steam Engine” and “Good Night on Earth”. With what will be their 14th studio album to date, EELS seems to be heading for a new sound that moves away from their previous album, “Earth to Dora”.

“Earth to Dora”, EELS ’13th studio album, is remarkably calm and introspective. These new singles show off a much louder, rock-focused sound compared to what the band has done in the past.

The first single released, “Good Night on Earth” opens as a White Stripes song. The listener is immediately thrown into a heavy guitar and thumping drums. The song is immediately much louder than most EELS discographies. The guitar in this song is saturated with distortion and sounds a lot like what one might hear from Jack White. Two-thirds of the way down the song, there’s a shift to a fast-paced chorus focused on dreamy vocal effects and a lean guitar. “Good Night on Earth” ends with a guitar solo and sounds like a departure from the traditional relaxed, thoughtful, composed songwriting style of EELS.

Their second single, “The Magic”, has heavy guitar riffs and a lot of distortion mixed with very clean and polished vocals. The vocals of this song stick to a pattern, contributing to the fast and catchy pace of this single. A synth chorus two-thirds of the way through the song serves to keep the song from getting too repetitive and boring. This second single is also a very different style of song than what EELS listeners may be used to.

The third single, “Steam Engine”, sounds like a throwback to the 1950s, heavy on drums and dominant guitar riffs. There is less narration than a regular EEL song and is more focused on the beat and the overall feel of the music. Instead of telling a story, the lyrics take a back seat and the listener focuses more on the instrumentation present. This single sounds like an old-fashioned rock and roll song, stylistically similar to what one would hear from an artist like Chuck Berry. The song is very open and airy, leaving plenty of room for the guitarist to experiment with a constant drum beat.

These new singles pave the way for a new sound for EELS, a sound much louder and more aggressive than in the past. EELS seems to go from calm and collected songs to disorganized and hectic songs. Whether EELS goes in a whole new direction sonically remains to be seen.

“Extreme Witchcraft” will be available everywhere on January 28, 2022.


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