Dream Rock Band EVANOFF Releases First Full Studio Album


Denver-based group EVANOFF smash tunes and kill live shows like never before. On his first full concept album, Singularitywhich falls on Wednesday February 23, the self-proclaimed “dream rock” trio pursues raw, edgy moments of mind-blowing improvisation. The eight-track disc originally had a ninth song, but it was removed for use as a NFT album expansion project.

Three bachelors of Singularity have already been released. “Stare Mesto,” “Mala Strana” and “Nove Mestoare fiery, heavy tracks that are sure to delight fans of electro-jam. But EVANOFF’s new music might also surprise some fans: the tracks may sound more like metal, a major departure from the sound dreamy and jamtronic characteristic of the group.
“This is our first full studio album,” says Brennan Forrester, the band’s keyboardist. “It’s a concept album with a monologue that weaves a message between each of the tracks. It’s definitely the project we’ve put the most of ourselves into, and the first project that allows us to directly ask our fans to consider certain things about time. [in which] we live.”

The band consists of Forrester, guitarist JJ Evanoff and drummer Jake Hall. The electro-rock fusion trio captures a drizzly psychedelic mix of rock, metal, future bass, dubstep and lo-fi, borrowing chord colors from jazz and piano ballads. Each member has extensive knowledge of sound design and production. Hall, in particular, brings matching textures from the bass music scene, where he has a thriving side project under the moniker Wow.

Singularity metaphorically speaks to the relationship between technology and humans, both on an individual level and on a global level, Forrester explains, touching on concepts such as futurism and transhumanism, neuroprosthetics, the internet and the ability to find peace in these difficult times. The members of EVANOFF knew they didn’t want to preach an argument, but they wanted to push these themes for people to consider and evaluate.

While preserving the band’s idiosyncratic rock sound, different genres stand out on the record. When EVANOFF hits the studio, the possibilities are limitless, Forrester says.

“We’ll do dub stuff, like chill reggae vibes and stuff,” he notes. “We will do all kinds of different things when the three of us get together and we can really improvise fully. We can go in all these different directions, and it’s endless.”

The three improvised for a week and a half, putting together all the elements they liked. They arranged them as general songs, then bounced the tracks around so they could each work on them individually and add their own elements.

“With this album, we’ve all found a sweet spot in our collaborative abilities in a really great way to make music that resonates with all of us,” says Hall.

The musicians say their mission is to combine sounds from a wide range of genres they love; they want the music they make to represent a snapshot of the particular times they live in, as well as the significant opportunities that have been presented to them.

They were inspired by what they saw as a chance to create something deeper for their fans and for themselves. Because EVANOFF tends to write mostly instrumental music, the band doesn’t always have a way of conveying specific messages. Things were different this time around.

“When a band puts together a great album, it really resonates with you. The impact is huge, and we were hoping we could do that for a few more people,” Forrester says.

In the end, the story that Singularity tells depends on the listener, although the group provides plenty of food for thought. The members hoped to provide a balance where listeners can form their own opinion of what is being expressed sonically, and then step back and consider how technology affects them and, on a larger scale, the world around them.

EVANOFF plans to extend its unique, high-fidelity audio experience into the future.

“It’s hard to [predict] the future of our sound,” says Hall. “I think we’re definitely going to stick with that kind of rock vibe, but we’ve been creating all kinds of bullshit, man, and it’s just cool to see it all fall into place. We respect all of our voices musically, and we will continue to create what we feel. Our goal is to make sure we have a rock show where people can dance and enjoy it.

Flux Singularity on any major platform starting Wednesday, February 23.


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