Donnie & Max appear on Jesse Madigan’s new album – Deepest Sighs


Somehow, in all the Gang of Youths activity playing at summer festivals, recording their own new album and touring (twice) with Mumford & Sons, Donnie and Max have found the time to contribute to a new album by Australian singer Jesse Madigan.

Madigan has just released his first album, Nothing better than a trip to you, August 14, and the 10-track release includes an appearance by Donnie Borzestowski and Max Dunn. They play on “Spring”, the eighth track on the album – a sweet song with a catchy groove. You can listen to it right here:

Madigan expressed his gratitude to Donnie and Max in a recent Instagram post:

Thank you @boughtajetski @mrmaxdunn for bass and drums on Spring. Captions. Above all @boughtajetski, thank you very much for your efforts and your generosity and for all the wise advice.

The full album is available to stream from Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, and more, and for purchase from any place you’d expect.

More non-GOY projects

This isn’t the only project Donnie is working on outside of Gang of Youths.

On Sunday evening (August 25), it played in Newcastle as part of the Adam Miller Trio – a jazz project he has been working on for several years now. You can visit their official website for more information on the trio.

And Donnie himself recently announced on Instagram plans to release Blue colored mountain, an EP of seven unreleased songs that his older brother Szymon worked on before his death in 2012.

Szymon’s album, Tigersapp, was released posthumously in 2015. Donnie and Dave joined the entire Borzestowski family in a special live performance of the album set in 2016.

And lastly, we can’t find any confirmation on this, but it looks like Donnie also contributed drums on Echo of Youth, a new album just released by Australian duo Winterbourne. Andy Mak, the album’s producer, took to Instagram (see below) and tagged Donnie in the post. Donnie then commented on it, and Mak responded with “drums”.

That might not mean anything, but it certainly sounds like a nod to Donnie for contributing drums on the album. If we can find something definitive about it, we’ll update this article.

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