Chungha’s debut studio album, Querencia, shortlisted for best 50 album of 2021 by Billboard Music


Chungha’s first full album titled “Querencia” is selected to be part of “2021 Best Album 50” by Billboard Music. Released on February 15, 2021, the studio album has a total of 21 songs with the title track “Bicycle” and a few tracks featuring other artists like R3HAB, CHANGMO, Guaynaa and Colde. The songs come from a range of genres ranging from pop and EDM, to afrobeats, Korean ballad and Latin pop. They reflect Chungha’s ability to adapt and excel her voice to any genre.

The complete studio album is divided into four parts: Noble, Savage, Unknown and Pleasures. Each part has four songs and is divided by interlude tracks and ends with ‘Querencia (Epilogue)’. A Billboard editor, Nolan Feeney, was the one who reviewed Chungha’s completely packed album. Feeney was impressed with delivering the songs with elegant elegance and the cosmopolitan feel that came with the inclusion of three languages ​​Korean, English and Spanish. He picked it as one of the top 50 albums of 2021 because even the interludes were catchy and punchy. Some other tracks on the album are ‘Flying on Faith’ (Noble), ‘Stay Tonight’ (Savage), ‘Play ft. CHANGMO ‘(Unknown) and’ X ‘(Pleasures).

Chungha was initially going to release the album in January, but she had tested positive for Covid-19 and decided to delay it while focusing on recovery. This is her first full album since her debut in 2017 and her debut album being selected for “Best Album 50” which is what makes it so special! Sumin and Baek Yerin, two singers and songwriters, also participated in the making of the album as they co-wrote the songs “Bother Me” and “All Night Long” respectively. The title of the album ‘Querencia’ is in Spanish. It alludes to the concept of the album because the title signifies a place where a person can be themselves. Chungha has definitely shown how much of a world star and excellent musician and performer she is through her debut album.

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