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Following the release of his latest single, My lifereggae and dancehall artist Bugle said he was eager to showcase all his sides on his next album. Scheduled for release in October, Bugle said the project will see him tackle social issues, embrace his dancehall side, while also deepening love and relationships with some love songs. Overall, Bugle said the album will have something for everyone.

“The album will be a mix of everything. I have maybe about 14 songs on the project, and seven of them are reggae, and the rest are dancehall vibes. But of course that will be my kind of dancehall because we don’t go less than the standard Bugle. I have two Spanish artists there; i have love songs on it, which i never emphasized love songs so much before doing a none to mi project. So it’s a variety, because variety is the spice of life, ”he said. “But at the end of the day, mi affi remains Bugle, and no matter what he does, mi affi has the social commentary. I really don’t think there are a lot of people tackling social issues like I do, so I really can’t let go of that. People can’t wait to hear certain songs from me, so mi affi gives them real bugle style anticipation.

The artist said The gleaner that after releasing her third studio album in 2019, the plan was not to release another album so soon. But, with the pandemic having him grounded at home for an extended period of time, he said his studio had become his home base, so the songs kept coming. “I didn’t really want to release an album this year, but because of the pandemic and all the lockdown and everything, I’m just working on an upcoming album because what else was there to do? Besides, I never even promoted the last album because I released it in August 2019, and by the time I start the tour, everything hangs. There is never a chance on the road, so hopefully this one will. “

While not keen on setting expectations for his work, Bugle said he anticipates comments from his fans when they hear about the project. He said that having asked some of the island’s most talented artists to speak on the record, he hopes his efforts will be appreciated. “Mi always has some great features on my albums that help make them great, and this one is no different. On this one, I have Julian Marley and Bounty Killer on a track, I have Jesse Royal and Kabaka Pyramid on a track, I have Nation Boss, I have Jahmiel, and like I said, I have two spanish artists. The album is crazy, “he said.” The intro alone says it all because there’s no music, just melodies, and that’s where I got Tony Gold and Adena Myrie, and if you know them you know they’re extremely talented singers. So with these great voices coming together, that set a standard from the start. “

Speaking of standards, Bugle recalled the comparisons made between himself, Buju Banton and Sizzla Kalonji when releasing his debut album. He said he was surprised when people compared his projects to what he considers two of the best albums produced by a Jamaican artist – mentioned in a conversation with reggae legends stuck with Bugle throughout his career. career. He admits that because of these comparisons, he knows the bar is high for him and that he intends to stick to it. “My albums always stand out and people are always looking forward to them. I remember when I released my first album, Anointed, there were comparisons with Until Shiloh by Buju Banton and The real thing by Sizzla Kalonji. It was amazing to me, because these two albums are two of the greatest albums of my time and I hear people making a comparison, it kind of puts it on a level that I can’t let go, and therefore mi affi always maintain this standard, ”he said.

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