Boys Noize Boosts Fifth Studio Album Announcement With Two New Singles


Boys Noize gives fans plenty to look forward to and listen to with announcement of their fifth studio album +/-, which coincides with the release of two new singles, “Nude” with Tommy Cash and “Xpress Yourself”. Both singles are now available through Boys Noize’s own BNR. The LP, pronounced “polarity”, will land on September 24 and succeed that of 2016 Help.

The producer contextualized the conceptual basis of the project in an official statement, stating,

“The album plunges into the polar tension between musical styles and the worlds in which I find myself. When you combine opposites, something transcendent can happen, something greater than both sides. And with music, it becomes magic that can create new worlds.

+/- will come with a visual experience complete with illustrations, iconography and other artwork through the artistic interaction of Boys Noize with visual artist Eric Timothy Carlson. The art will present an esoteric key of glyphs and symbols, mapping contradictory influences and emotions, in a nod to the album’s theme.

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