Boys Noize announces new album “Polarity” and releases two singles [WATCH]



The noise of the boys The long-awaited fifth studio album has officially been released – +/- (pronunciation polarity) – With two new singles.

I don’t need to introduce Boys Noize, but I like what was provided in the press release. The producer is called “an underground hero with mainstream charm and techno-punk sensibility with dripping acid”.

Such quality is fully visible here since Boys Noize offers a peak (+) on the “nude” side with the Estonian avant-garde. Tommy cash “Xpress Yourself” on the avant-garde side of avant-garde techno (-). Below is a visual representation of each single – the director’s “nude” music video. SUS boyWelcome to Labor to undress and express yourself freely.

These powerful trucks take part in the (+) “Girl Crash”. Rico Naughty / (-) “Buchla 100” and (+) “Ride Or Die” Kelsey Le Characteristics Chilly gonzales / (-) Special feature “UI” Corbyn, And (+) with “All I Want” Jacques The scissors that’s why +/- It continues to take shape.

Boys Noize, real name Alex Lida, shares the next version:

This album jumps into the polar tensions between the musical style that I found for myself and the world. The combination of opposites can cause something transcendent that is greater than both parties. And with music, it becomes magic that can create a new world.

He keeps on:

I have always been inspired by trying to integrate forces of opposite polarity. There’s something really exciting about it, and it’s still a secret motive to me. Build and explore combinations of contrasts. The first inspiration for techno was the idea of ​​combining humans and machines. And you can go on from there – aggressiveness and beauty, past and future…

Listen here and get ready +/- Boys Noize himself releases an album on September 24 BNR label.

Boys Noize-Nude Feet Tommy Cash

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The nude is an expression that reveals itself. The project invited people to explain what nudity means to them through performances, questioning the connection between nudity and shame. Through these performances, we have sought to eliminate these ideas in exchange for the belief that empowers us and sets us free. – SUS BOY

Boys Noize – Xpress Yourself

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Boys Noize Press Photo, Shane Macquarie

Boys Noize announces new album “Polarity” and releases two singles [WATCH]

Boys Noize announces new album “Polarity” and releases two singles [WATCH]



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