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In 1989, Black Sabbath released their 14th album, Headless Cross. The record came ten years after Ozzy Osbourne was kicked out of the band and seven years after Ronnie James Dio left the band. Despite a tough decade of losing and winning singers, the record has reviewed fairly well, receiving a four-star sheet music collection. One of the tracks included on the album, When Death Calls, was performed by Queen guitarist Brian May.

The song in question includes haunting lyrics.

The first chorus includes the lines: “When death calls / It’s time to die / When death calls / The spirit of man cannot be released / When death calls / There is no tomorrow / When death calls / Just an evil shadow. “

Towards the end of the song, Brian splits the track with a face-melting guitar solo.

Although Black Sabbath did not release the song as a single, they did release a music video.

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Video of the live performance showed the band’s singer at the time, Tony Martin, shouting through the energetic song, but Brian did not make an appearance.

Band guitarist Tony Iommi quickly befriended the Queen star during this time.

The couple have since opened up about their relationship.

Brian recently revealed, “We talk more than anything, but we talk a lot. He really is my dearest friend in the business and has been for so many years.”

Brian continued, “I could write books about Tony because he’s just the most… I don’t even know how to put it into words.

“You know, he’s a bright human being, he’s Tony, with a wonderful, kind nature and an incredibly confusing sense of humor. And, of course, he’s the father of heavy metal.” (via Guitar World)

He added, “He did that. He made it possible. And it comes from his fingers and his mind.

“This young ex-welder, he made it possible. So, you know, he wears that medal forever, I think. He founded this thing, heavy metal, in my opinion. I mean, I think the Most people would probably agree. “

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Brian also spoke candidly about a rumored collaboration with Tony.

The duo would have spent “hours” discussing and listening to each other’s riffs.

About this, Brian said: “I think there is a chance [fans will hear their music]. “

Tony also shared how Brian had helped him in the past.

Tony said in 2013: “When I was first ill, Brian May came to visit me at my home in Lapworth.

“I played him some of my stuff, rock riffs that I had never really been able to develop, or that I had decided not to use. He said I had to do something with them.”

He added, “One of the ideas we had was that we could make the riffs available, get the fans to use them in their own songs and see what they come up with. That way they would effectively record with Brian and myself. .”



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