Big Thief shares ‘No Reason’, ‘Spud Infinity’ singles from new album


Big Thief Continues To Unveil The World Of Their Next Album Dragon New Warm Mountain I believe in you with a charming pair of singles: “No Reason” and “Spud Infinity”. The full record arrives on February 11 via 4AD.

Big Thief fanatics will quickly recognize the warm familiarity of “Spud Infinity”, an inviting track the band and Adrianne Lenker both performed live for several years before preparing for an official recording.

“No Reason” is a fresher version, inspired by an unexpected moment when recording Dragon New Warm Mountain I believe in you with Dom Monks in the Colorado Rockies. Captivated by the flute playing of Richard Hardy, a former collaborator of Carole King, sinking from a nearby watchtower, Big Thief invited the musician to attend a recording session. The result is the healthy “No Reason”.

Dragon New Warm Mountain I believe in you was performed in four different sessions in upstate New York, Topanga Canyon, the Rocky Mountains, and Dr. Dog Scott McMicken’s home studio in Tucson, Arizona, over a five-month period . The result was 45 completed songs, cut into 20 pieces carefully selected for recording that highlight the group’s unforeseen moments of magic.

“One of the things that unites us as a band is pure magic,” Lenker said in a statement. “I think we all have the same guide and neither of us ever said what it is because we couldn’t name it, but somehow we’re all looking for the same thing , and when we hit it… we all know that’s it, but none of us to this day, or maybe ever, will be able to express in words what “it” is. Something about this is magical to me.


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