ARCH ENEMY: Releasing more singles this time around ‘worked really well’, says MICHAEL AMOTT


On June 1, the French channel Duke TV conducted an interview with SWORN ENEMY singer Alissa White-Gluz and guitarist Michael Amott in Paris. You can now watch the chat below.

Talk about SWORN ENEMYto release more singles than usual this time around, Alissa said, “Actually, I like singles anyway; I like that idea. As long as there’s an album coming, I’ll like the idea of ​​giving almost every song the time and attention it needs, because when we write the album and record it, every song gets the same amount of time and attention. It’s not like the two singles are getting more than the others; we’re totally dedicated to each song. I’m glad to see more songs getting that kind of attention from the public.”

Added Michael: “It’s quite exciting to release songs one by one with these videos and streaming to DSPs and everything. It actually worked very, very well. And we’ve noticed now, on our concert tour in North America that… playing three of the singles – “Handshake with Hell”, ‘House of Mirrors’ and ‘Deceive, deceiver’ – and they went really well; [they were] highly recognized by fans and singing people and so on. So that was really great.”

SWORN ENEMY11th studio album, “Seducers”which will arrive on August 12 via Media Records of the Century.

In May, SWORN ENEMY released a new seven inch single, “Sunset Over the Empire”with the title track also appearing on “Seducers”. The official clip of “Sunset Over the Empire”realized by Group13was made available the same day.

SWORN ENEMY played the first show of “The North American Headquarters 2022” tour with FREAK and DEATH BY NAPALM on April 16 at the Marquee in Tempe, Arizona.

Amott previously mentioned about “Seducers”“Coming to celebrate our 25th anniversary as a band and now releasing our 11th studio album, one would easily assume that we would be navigating and going through the stages at this point. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to SWORN ENEMY and our new album, ‘Seducers’.

“It’s, without a doubt, always a challenge to raise the bar every time on the songwriting and production side, and it can feel a little daunting before you get into it. But once we started and we’re completely immersing ourselves in the creative process, it’s really like there’s nothing else in the world and we’re very focused and believe it or not, most of the time we we have a lot of fun making this music! ‘Seducers’ was no different. Once again we cut ourselves off from the outside world and went deep into the artistic zone. I think we’ve released some really interesting musical and lyrical themes this time around, some things might even raise an eyebrow or two – while still retaining all of the band’s signature elements. In the end, it’s SWORN ENEMY at full speed and power.”

SWORN ENEMY appears at some summer festivals before embarking on the postponed “European Headquarters 2022” hiking (with FREAK, CARCASS, FOR THE OTHERS) in autumn.


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