Anna Ash Shares ‘Favorite Part’ and ‘Popularity’ of New Singles


Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Anna Ash announced her upcoming album Sleeper and shared two new singles, “Favorite Part” and “Popularity”.

The new releases build on the delicate and original American sound that Ash updated with more complex soundscapes on his latest EP. Fire season, which she published in March. Her intimate and intricate songwriting has evoked literary comparisons, her work being described as “like a book by Sally Rooney, if the novelist could cut a silvery tone and cast her voice into mock cathartics.”

On “Favorite Part,” she reflects on a bitter past relationship to rich 1970s-style rock grooves, rethinking an old version of herself while rebuilding a new one. “Play back the memories one by one,” she orders at first, as if slipping a quarter into a familiar jukebox.

“Popularity”, meanwhile, finds her seeking peace, turning to friends, hometowns, and even religion to resolve feelings of turmoil in the face of the world’s suffering. “We all have someone we love who swears Jesus is coming just to save them”, she said, pointing out that “at one point we forgot all the good things this guy said.” When his contemplative words give way to a heart-wrenching chirp of “I can’t stand another heartache like this,” the song hits an emotional tipping point just in time for the end of the track, forcing its own embodiment and calculation.

A music video for “Favorite Part” is also coming up, and Sleeper will be released in full on January 21 via Black Mesa Records. For now, however, you can check out both singles here:

Sleeper, Ash explains, was recorded live on tape in two different sessions; a November 2020 session in quarantine in the Catskills, and an April 2021 session in Los Angeles with a full studio band as the world began to reopen. The tracks open up its once stripped-down sound with pedal steel, brass, touches and striking group harmonies.

Anna Ash has appeared on a variety of film and television soundtracks, including Billion and Masters of sex, and she frequently appears on curated playlists like Spotify’s Fresh Folk and Noir mixes. She has also gained a reputation for her low-voice covers of country and roots rock classics, and her repertoire includes versions of “Fruits of My Labor” and “Righteously” by Lucinda Williams, “Sin City” by The Flying Burrito Brothers, Patsy Cline’s “Crazy” and “Sister Golden Hair” from America.

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