Amazon’s ‘Cosmic Love’ Will Match Astrology-Based Singles


The New Prime Video Dating Series cosmic love it’s leaving love to the stars.

The show will match singles based on astrology. The first season follows two men and two women who represent the four elements of astrology: air, fire, water and earth. The foursome are matched with 16 potential matches in the search for a spouse.

Amazon describes the series as a “social experiment” with astrologers and bestselling authors Ophira and Tali Edut (The AstroTwins) guiding singles through a mysterious Astro Chamber (voiced by Cree Summer).

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The streaming service released the trailer this week. It shows the four bachelors, all of whom look like role models, setting off on a romantic adventure at a retreat led by a mystical guide.

A woman says: “I 100% believe that I will follow my soul mate through astrology.”

In another scene, a man is shown with an engagement ring and asks “will you marry me?”

cosmic love is produced by Amazon Studios and Hudsun Media. Jesse Castro (Love Island, American Idollisten)) serves as showrunner and executive producer for the series. Other executive producers include Michael Rourke, Hashim Williams, Nathan Coyle, and Viki Cacciatore.

All 10 episodes of the series will stream worldwide on Prime Video on Friday, August 12.

Below are details of the four singles representing the Elements.

Maria Rodriguez | Capricorn – Earth Element
Hardworking Capricorn Maria Rodriguez, 28, is the Earth element of cosmic love. Raised by powerful women in New York City, beauty #boss Maria is a professional makeup artist who owns several successful businesses, including her own brand, M Beauty Party. Fiercely loyal to his family and to his Dominican and Puerto Rican roots, this shrewd sea goat is unwilling to settle down. True to the style of taking care of her zodiac sign, Maria plans everything in her life to perfection. But can she cede control to make way for a powerful plus-one?

Phoebe Davis | Leo – Fire Element
It’s getting hot here! Phoebe Davis, 28, Double Leo entrepreneur, model and fitness competitor, is the consummate cosmic lioness whose roar has scared more than two players. Now, as a fire element on cosmic love, this queen is ready to find her mane man to lay claim to the adjacent throne. Originally from Spokane, Washington, Phoebe lives in San Diego, where she runs a marketing business and personal brand, “Flexing Phoebs”, inspiring women everywhere to love their bodies, overcome adversity and embrace growth. personal. Will Phoebe fall into the fire sign trap of burning her matches…or will she find someone who can keep the flames burning for the long haul?

Connor Shenan | Gemini – Air Element
Double the trouble or double the fun? Gemini Connor Shennan, 27, represents the Air element on cosmic love. True to the inquisitive nature of his zodiac sign, Connor must weigh all the options before making a decision. Will this forest firefighter find his “twin flame” on Cosmic Love? Or will the winds of change direct his attention in a new direction? A lover of music, sports and the great outdoors, Connor grew up in a close-knit family in Michigan and currently lives in Phoenix.

Noel Allen | Pisces – Water Element
Pisces Noel Allen, 31, is a personal trainer and nutrition coach tapped to be the water element of cosmic love. True to his artistic and caring zodiac sign, Noel is a romantic Renaissance man who loves to cook, entertain, train, and support his clients as they transform their bodies and lives. Raised by a Cuban-American mother in New Jersey, Noel lives in Tampa and hopes to start his own family. But here’s the hook (Fish): Noel won’t dilute his desire for freedom and security, one of the many Pisces male paradoxes that drives women crazy…and drives them crazy in love.


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