Alternative rock trio Days Like These bring in candy-coated singles


Alternative rock trio Days Like These keeps us going with their brand new dance pop single ‘Luna’.

Brisbane’s alternative rock trio Days Like These unleash candy-coated energy with this colorful new track. Continuing to test their limits in the alternate world, Brisbane’s alternative rock trio Days Like These go for a change of pace with their upbeat, dancing new single, “Luna.”

The experimental trio have turned heads for their innovative fusion of alternative rock, metalcore and grunge since appearing on the scene in 2018, showcasing the band’s unstoppable sound with every release.

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Building on the diverse plethora of sounds introduced on their EP ‘Wide Awake’ released earlier this year, ‘Luna’ is a serious summer anthem, introducing sweet pop-focused sounds, alluring grooves and melodies instantly. engaging.

Based on classic indie rock elements such as smooth distortion and punchy drums, the genre-defying track feels and sounds both silky and abrasive. There’s a super pop drum groove that transports you with sweet chewing gum melodies and 70s style guitar rhythms and sounds. The result is an absolute hypnotic treat with a hint of 90s lyrics to make it happen. good measure.

Joining forces once again with longtime collaborator Chris Lalic (Windwaker, To Octavia, The Last Martyr) on crisp production and mixing, Days Like These focus on their experimental soaring, alternating between contagious vocals and riffs. guitar sounds that make the listener wonder what will come next.

By adding Grammy-nominated mastering engineer Chris Gehringer (Avril Lavigne, Glass Animals, Lil Nas X) to the fold, Days Like These created something unique, taking “Luna” to a whole new level.

A playful and undeniably funky track, “Luna” is an unusual journey of letting go of all inhibitions and justifications in favor of lust. It’s about doing something you know is wrong and can’t help but be tempted.

“Coming back from recording the EP ‘Wide Awake’ we were so inspired to keep writing. We had learned so much during our time in the studio and wanted to get back to it right away, ”says singer Callen Batson.

“We finished ‘Wide Awake’ in June 2020, and exactly one year later we finished writing our second EP. We had a song that didn’t quite fit with the others, but we still thought. that we had to take it out as it was a trail we hadn’t explored before, but we still felt pretty comfortable in it.

“We’re not afraid to experiment and we don’t feel limited in what we can or can’t do with our sound.”

Harnessing the electric sound and image that “Luna” provides, Days Like These also unveiled the song’s vibrant music video. Bursting with good vibes and zero inhibitions, the video challenges gender stereotypes with the Brisbane trio sporting bright colors, fabulous flamboyant outfits, face makeup and classic ’70s funk moves.

“We wanted the video to capture the bubbly and light vibe of the song. The video was shot by our good friend and longtime collaborator Andrew Vaughan, and we put together a bunch of props and improvised the whole video on the day. same.

“We had so much fun doing it and it definitely shows in the video. Kyle Caulfield (Slowly Slowly, Between You & Me) brought his warm and sweet touches to the edit. “

Finishing the year on a high note with “Luna”, the trio also recently announced their place alongside Starve in support of Diamond Construct on the Hit It Back tour which will begin in January before taking the stage for the third installment of Halloween Hysteria. Festival. in April alongside Spiderbait, Mammal, Clowns, RedHook, Gravemind and more.

A band that isn’t afraid to break the rules, Days Like These continues to make a name for themselves with their contagious new single. It’s catchy and dancing, and still retains elements of the heavier Days Like These sound that we’ve come to know and love over the years. With a knack for pushing boundaries, we’re sure we’ll see even more genre-defying goodness in the not-so-distant future.

‘Luna’ is now available on all streaming platforms. Keep up to date with the latest news from the group here.


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