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the american idol Season 20 Top 7 finalists Nicolina Bozzo, Fritz Hager, HunterGirl, Leah Marlene, Noah Thompson, Jay Copeland and Christian Guardino released their new singles on May 13 and they’re climbing the charts. The top 7 contestants performed two songs, a TikTok sensation and a Mother’s Day dedication, after being mentored by music superstar and producer The episode ended with Jay and Christian being eliminated from the competition.

During american idol Top 7 week, Fritz and Noah were both diagnosed with COVID-19. Noah, who was visibly ill during his performances, sang live from his hotel room. However, Fritz tested positive the morning of the show, so american idol aired its dress rehearsal instead. Both earned a Top 5 spot with Nicolina, HunterGirl and Leah, and they headed to Las Vegas for a unique mentoring session with the country superstar and american idol Carrie Underwood, winner of season 4.


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the american idol judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan did an outstanding job of finding some of the best musical talent from the auditions. Two of their platinum ticket picks, HunterGirl and Jay, went far enough in the competition to earn the opportunity to record their own singles. The other contestants have also proven to be as talented as they are popular, as all of their singles are climbing the charts. HunterGirl and Leah even wrote their own songs. Behind-the-scenes stories and videos from american idol Top 7 singles are entertaining.

Nicolina – “Sequins”

Nicolina’s song “Glitter” was produced by Mr. Franks with assistance from Carmen Reece and Andrew Keller. It was originally by Patrick Droney, whom Nicolina called “phenomenal” in an Instagram post. Nicolina shared that the song is about how heartbreak is very real. She says, “It’s a beautiful yet haunting depiction of grief.” She explained that after listening “tons” locations, she decided that none of them spoke to her. Because she loves “feel and move through song”, she was “on the moon” when she found out that remaking “Glitter” was an option for her first big release. Nicolina shared that she knew this would be the song she “fall in love with everything again.”

Fritz Hager – “Hearts Align”

Fritz teamed up with producer King Henry for his single “Hearts Align”. Although Fritz performed many of his original songs on american idol, he didn’t write this one. However, he has a american idol connection as it was co-written by Season 18 runner-up Francisco Martin. The song is about the singer thinking about his significant other and wanting their relationship back when their hearts aligned. In an Instagram post, Fritz was thrilled to announce the release of “Hearts Align,” saying: “It’s an awesome song and I’m so excited to share it with you!”

HunterGirl – “Red Bird”

american idol Season 20 platinum ticket winner HunterGirl wrote her original song “Red Bird” in Nashville with help from friends Austin Goodloe and Matt McKinney, and producer Jimmy Robbins. In an Instagram post, HunterGirl shared that she cried in the writing room when she wrote this song. She says she wrote “Red Bird” because when she was little, her family always told her that when people see cardinals, they are signs from heaven that family members are looking after them. In an interview with musical chaosHunterGirl shared how the night her first episode of american idol first, she was driving to her family’s house and she felt “terrified” to be on television. HunterGirl worried that people wouldn’t like her or think she was good enough. She said she asked God for a sign that everything was going to be okay, and a red bird flew through her window and then more flew as she drove down the road. HunterGirl took this as a good sign and returned to Nashville the day after the american idol episode aired and wrote the song. She says, “It’s a song from my heart. I hope this song can help someone like it helped me when I wrote it.”

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Lea Marlene – “Flowers”

Leah collaborated with music producer King Henry for his song “Flowers”, which she wrote after going through american idol Hollywood week. In an Instagram post, Leah revealed the origin of the song, which uses the metaphor of flowers growing through the sidewalk to represent how people can get through tough times. She explained in voiceover that she wrote “Flowers” a few months ago to reflect on “The wild journey that life has taken me over the past few years. More than anything, it’s an encouragement to my past that no matter how far away you feel there is always a way out.” Leah’s post included footage from a TikTok video she made in December 2021 in which she explained that “After 2 years of pretty crippling depression and anxiety, in 2021 I slowly but surely found my way back to myself.” american idol Top 5 runner-up Leah shared that she wrote the song for her past and for “anyone who is in the thick of it right now.”

Noah Thompson – “One Day Tonight”

Noah had never been in a recording studio before cutting his country track “One Day Tonight.” He had the time of his life recording his single. In an Instagram post, Noah shared, “I think I had too much fun doing that song.” In the lyrics, he sings about his girlfriend’s dreams about their future, including their wedding plans and their hopes for a house, children and a dog. They talk about “one day tonight” drinking wine together. The song fits Noah’s country style perfectly.

Christian Guardino – “Superior”

Christian teamed up with producer DannyBoyStyles to record the song “Higher”. In an Instagram post, Christian said he was so excited about the record and so happy to have been able to work with DannyBoyStyles. He shared that he even recorded the song at the same studio where Marvin Gaye recorded his hit song “What’s Going On”. “Higher” makes great use of Christian’s powerful vocals.

Jay Copeland – “Without Loneliness”

american idol Season 20 platinum ticket recipient Jay recorded his song “Unlonely” with music producer Mr. Franks. In an Instagram post, Jay described the song, saying: “It’s a bop! Here comes summer and new beginnings.” The catchy song does justice to the exceptional voice of this talented performer.

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the american idol The Top 7 finalists’ singles are climbing the charts, giving them and their fans a taste of what their careers might look like after the show. Each song captures their unique musical styles and genres. If these singles are any indication, it doesn’t matter who wins american idol season 20, all of these finalists are sure to have very successful careers in the music industry.

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american idol airs Sundays at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.

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