Alexandra Stréliski Drops New Spotify Singles ‘Gnossienne: No.1’ & ‘Earlier’


Following her release of “Silent Night” around the holiday season last year, Alexandra Stréliski is pleased to unveil two new offerings as part of the Spotify Singles program.

The first song is a Satie cover of “Gnossienne: No.1”, while the second is a reimagined version of “Plus earlier” with string arrangements written in collaboration with Flore Laurentienne, a Montreal artist. The singles were recorded last year in Montreal at La Majeure studio during the same session for “Silent Night”. Featured past artists include Coldplay, Lido Pimienta, Daniel Caesar, Phoebe Bridgers, Celine Dion, Alicia Keys, Kurt Vile and many more.

About “Gnossienne: No.1”, Alexandra tells us: “This piece is an instant classic, and it was such a pleasure to record my version of it. The song has French and “pop” qualities, which naturally attracted I also liked to explore the notion of “free time” dear to the composer, while building a more structured central/rhythmic part.”

As for this new version of “Earlier”, the composer declares: “I worked with Mathieu Pelletier Gagnon (Flore Laurentienne) on the arrangements of the strings for this version. I wanted to propose a renewed version of “Earlier”. , something cinematic and elegant. A sort of ballgown version for people to hear. I really like his work. It was also a great opportunity for us to explore future possibilities together.”

Generating over five billion streams since the program launched in 2017, Spotify Singles was created to give artists the option to record new versions of their own songs, songs from artists they love, or an original song. To date, there have been over 600 recordings by over 300 artists of all genres.

Alexandra Stréliski has nearly 140,000 albums sold worldwide, and INSCAPE alone has over 205 million streams. She has won five Félix at the Gala de l’ADISQ so far in her career, in addition to a JUNO award (Instrumental album of the year). INSCAPE is one of the three bestsellers of 2019 and 2020 in Quebec, it won the album of the year award at the Independent Music Awards and it was nominated on the long list of the 2019 Polaris Music Prize.

Alexandra Stréliski’s music has been heard on Sharp Objects and the Big Little Lies Roundtable Season 2, both on HBO, and at the Hugo Boss show during the latest edition of New York Fashion Week. The album climbed the classical music charts in over 20 countries around the world. The INSCAPE concert received a Silver Ticket from ADISQ to commemorate more than 25,000 tickets sold across the province. Pianoscope – Stréliski’s first opus – has nearly 52 million streams, and is certified gold in Canada.

Billboard called Stréliski one of modern classical’s most important new stars, and Noisey said his music is a contrast of depth and fragility that eerily resembles the human condition itself.

Listen to the new single here:


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