Alessia Cara shares her third studio album “In The Meantime”


Grammy-winning singer and songwriter Alessia Cara has released her glorious third studio album Waiting for. The project arrives today via Def Jam Recordings with a melancholy music video for “Best Days” directed by Tusk.

“Best Days” appears 12 tracks in the album’s 18-song list, which is about 54 minutes in total. The song explores the idea of ​​the best moments in life that pass without a good awareness of the time that has passed.

“What if my best days were the days I left behind?” / What if the rest stayed the same all my life? Cara sings on the song, a few moments later asking, “But the hardest pill to swallow is the interval / Are the best days only the ones we survive?”

Cara worked on Waiting for with a number of collaborators including Jon Levine, Mike Wise, Salaam Remi, Banx & Ranx, Boi-1da, Cameron Bright, Sir Dylan, Doc McKinney, Greg Kurstin, Spencer, Billboard, Joel Little and more. It follows his first and second albums Know everything (2015) and Growing pains (2018) and presents the previously released singles “Sweet Dream” and “Shapeshifter”.

“These songs are 18 of my moments. I wrote them down, mainly because of the invented thought that if I did, they would come out of my body and therefore no longer take up space, ”Cara wrote to her fans.

“But also because it is always clearer to me that the best use of complicated feelings is to share them frankly in the hope of pacifying like-minded people with a hole in their boat, thinking they are sinking – or worse, thinking that they might be better off sink.

“While admitting that 0 is found there, a lot of things are not a solution, I know from experience that the times when we realize the commonalities in our complexity, suffering and all, are the times that help us to stay afloat longer, ”she said. continued. “It’s a strange thing to be alive. All we really know for sure is where we have been, where we are and where we hope to go.

“This record is the long-awaited clarity of my relationship with myself, others and the world – where it once was, where it is now, that’s what has happened in the meantime. is my favorite thing I’ve ever done and I feel lighter now than it’s yours.

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