Alec Baldwin’s ‘Boulder Film Festival’ Appearance Outrages Fans


the Boulder Film Festival is called out by fans on Twitter for bringing in Alec Baldwin as the first-ever special guest programmer at the event.

The 63-year-old actor, who accidentally shot and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins in the middle Rust filming in October 2021 opened upon her return to the event.

“I am very happy to return to the Boulder International Film Festival, which I last attended in 2010.”

“I think Boulder is a great city and I know they have a wonderful festival,” Baldwin said in a statement.

However, Internet users seemed unhappy with the actor’s upcoming presence at the festival.

One user wrote: “Exactly! Alec Baldwin shot and killed Halyna, a crew member who had a promising career ahead of her and shot and wounded Joel Souza. And the BIFF is proud to announce it?

Another furious user said, “You don’t support cinema. You are struck by the stars. The actual crew members – who are not household names – are shot by this man and one of them loses his life. Is the BIFF really that ruthless? I am really shocked. He should withdraw, or you should rescind the invitation. It’s inappropriate.

Alec Baldwin's appearance at the Boulder Film Festival outrages fans

Festival director Kathy Beeck also expressed her joy at having Baldwin on board.

“We are honored that this year Alec is taking on this important role and sharing some of his favorite movies with BIFF,” reported The Hollywood Reporter.


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