After Daler Mehendi Concert, PartyNite Metaverse Platform Celebrates ‘Singles’ Nite Party


MUMBAI: Hot on the heels of Valentine’s Day, Gamitronics, the creator of PartyNite who successfully hosted the Daler Mehndi concert, will now be hosting a Singles Nite party on PartyNite, India’s first blockchain-powered Metaverse. A music event that will see the audience throw love life problems and situations on the platform and the platform in turn will offer solutions by playing popular songs or creating impromptu songs that fit the situations.

Last month, Indian artist Daler Mehndi hosted India’s first Republic Day Metaverse concert, which also marked the official launch of PartyNite. The concert met with a tremendous response around the world. Dubbed the future of the internet, the Metaverse platform is created as a parallel digital universe. It’s a virtual 3D world where people can interact and socialize. It allows people to create customizable avatars, meet people, hang out with friends, join parties and events, play games, and earn NFTs. The platform also allows users to claim, mint, and sell playable digital collectibles, also known as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The success of the Daler Mehendi show has sparked trademark inquiries for PartyNite as it opens an avenue for immersive advertising and window displays.

Speaking about the Singles Nite event on PartyNite, Rajat Ojha, CEO of Gamitronics said, “In the times we live in, Metaverse is the new universe for global reach. It is a virtual environment where you can be present with people in digital spaces. , it’s as if you were no longer just watching content on the Internet, but literally being in it, playing with it. The virtual platform will be a great avenue for introverts as you connect as an avatar and representation of flamboyance for extroverts already in ways not possible in the real physical world. The setting will support the event and a huge crowd can be expected to tune in virtually at the same time. This is a fictional world focused on social connections and certainly on the future. To make it more interactive, we will remove some NFTs”

Ojha added: “The idea is to open up the possibility of a parallel economy. This is where the real fun lies. On a lighter note, Metaverse is humanity’s unfulfilled ambition to find life on another planet. But globally, Indian technology is always at the forefront, we are certainly on everyone’s radar and all eyes are on us. Entertainment is an area that we will be focusing on and we will also be looking at international collaborations soon because geographical borders are not an issue here and with what Covid has taught us I think the universe is literally the limit with this technology”.

The concept of Singles Nite is unique, where all participants can join and interact with celebrities by sharing stories and music. One needs to log in to the app using their phone or email and log in to their ApnaDAO wallet.

In India, Daler Mehndi is the first well-known singer to host a concert on Metaverse but internationally Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Marshmallow and Travis Scott have hosted concerts in the metaverse. Gamitronics, a Hyderabad-based game studio, has created this blockchain-powered Metaverse that features playable NFTs.


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