Adele reveals one of her ’30’ singles lasted almost 15 minutes


After being pushed back for a year due to the pandemic, Adele has finally released their highly anticipated fourth studio album, 30. The record sees Adele confronting herself in the midst of her divorce from Simon konecki and trying to find a way to help their son, Angelo, understand why his parents separated. While 30 delivers whatever fans wanted and then some, the singer revealed she had another song that didn’t make the album cut – a 15 minute version of her song “I Drink Wine”.

Sitting down with Rolling stone, the singer shared that she initially recorded the song to contain her every moment of doubt over the advice of a friend named Jed.

“[The label] was like, ‘Look, everyone loves you, but nobody plays a 15 minute song on the radio,’ ”Adele explained of why she was asked to cut the song down to six minutes. However, fans are hoping that a vaulted version of the song with the 15 minutes of its original material will someday be released. In the meantime, fans can stream the six-minute version (along with the rest of Adele’s song. 30) with iHeartRadio here.

During a IHeartRadio album release party for 30 with Ryan seacrest, Adele revealed that her son finally got to see her perform live for the first time at her recent special on CBS, and that she was “terrified” to hear her son’s opinions. The singer revealed that he ended up enjoying the show and she couldn’t take her eyes off him throughout his performance.

Adele also revealed to Seacrest that her song “Oh My God” focuses on how she struggled. find people to date while in Los Angeles. “The is definitely not the place to go out because most of the people here don’t know what their schedule is,” Adele told Seacrest. “And, it’s very small, LA in particular… everyone’s been with everyone, that’s how it is.”

While 30 does not include a 15 minute version of “I drink wine”, a deluxe edition from the album presents a duet with Chris Stapleton on the first single from the disc, “Easy On Me”.


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