Aaliyah’s third studio album is available on Spotify


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If Aaliyah’s “I Care 4 U” intro doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what to tell you.

A month before her tragic death, Aaliyah released her third studio album, Aaliyah– also affectionately known as “The Red Album”, due to its cover filtered in red. Like everything she has done in her brief life, this is an absolute masterpiece. On August 20, Blackground Records 2.0, run by Aaliyah’s uncle Barry Hankerson, started publishing his discography on streaming platforms after years of fighting with the estate of the late singer, starting with One in a million. The album is quickly assembled at # 1 on the Billboard charts after only 10 days of being available everywhere and more than 20 years since its release.

Today, the singer’s third and final studio album, Aaliyah, is on all streaming platforms, and the number of plays is already skyrocketing. The album includes iconic tracks like “Try Again”, “I Care 4 U”, “We Need a Resolution (feat. Timbaland)”, “More Than a Woman” and “Rock the Boat”, which would also prove to be to be the singer’s latest video, as she and several of her crew were killed in a plane crash on their way home from filming in Marsh Harbor in the Bahamas.

The album was originally released on July 7, 2001 and won four of Aaliyah’s five Grammy nominations over the next two years. “Try Again,” “Rock the Boat,” and “More Than a Woman,” all received nominations for “Best Female R&B Vocal Performance” in 2002 and 2003, and the album itself was nominated for “ Best R&B album “in 2002.

According to a press release sent to The root:

Upon its initial release, the self-titled album was critically acclaimed and ranked number two on the Billboard 200. Featuring the hit singles “Rock The Boat” and “More Than a Woman”, the RIAA Multi-Platinum 2x album laid out a plan for R&B artists today … Released in a booming era of the R&B genre, ΛΛLIYΛH has since been cited by critics as one of the genre’s best and most influential records of that era. In 2005, the project ranked 66th on GQ’s “100 Coolest Albums in the World” and then a few years later was named one of VIBE’s “150 Essential Vibe Era Albums” . Most recently, NPR listed the album among its “150 best albums created by women”.

Last week, Blackground Records released the soundtracks for Romeo must die: the album and No more injuries: the album on Spotify. What if you thought this was the last time we would see any “Baby Girl” releases, you would be wrongI Care 4 U and Ultimate Aaliyah arrival October 8.


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