5 Paul McCartney Deep Cuts Who Should Have Been Single


Paul McCartney has no shortage of global hit singles over his decades-long career. As Macca celebrated his 80th birthday on June 18, the world paused to reminisce about the music icon’s incomparable discography.

We also took a deep dive here at American Songwriter and saw some lesser-known tracks that could use a little more love. We’re here to bring you 5 deep McCartney songs that need to be added to your rotation ASAP.

1. “Every night” (from McCartney1970)

McCartney’s solo debut is best known for her hit “Maybe I’m Amazed”, which broke into the Top 10 in the US shortly after its release. However, the raw, lo-fi-style record contains a number of scintillating moments, including the easy charm of “Every Night.”

The song features a simple arrangement that combines McCartney’s skills as a multi-instrumentalist and his ability to craft simple lyrics that still express a wealth of emotion. The verses feature a dissonant melody that resolves as its Oh-filled chorus comes around.

2. “Dear Boy” (from RAM1971)

Supposedly written about his wife Linda’s ex-husband, “Dear Boy” is a straightforward song that incorporates an almost vaudeville musicality with some studio echo effects bringing it all back into modernity.

The crisp, almost mocking lyrics are arranged with layered Beach Boy-style harmonies. Linda, herself, also adds vocals to the song in what is perhaps her brightest moment on RAM.

3. “Here Today” (from tug of war1982)

In “Here Today,” McCartney writes a heartfelt ode to his late friend and co-writer, John Lennon. In the wake of his death, McCartney took the same approach as Lennon in the Beatles’ famous “In My Life,” letting his emotions guide the song’s simple lyrics.

It’s deservedly one of the most Beatlesque tunes McCartney has written since the band’s demise, with a string arrangement by George Martin himself. Even though decades have passed since Lennon’s death, McCartney is still choked up on the rare occasions he performs the song live.

4. “Calico Skies” (From Flaming pie1997)

One of the last tracks Martin produced for McCartney, “Calico Skies” sees Macca singing with only an acoustic guitar arrangement to back it up.

The track is a bit more folksy than McCartney’s other songs from the same era, making it, as he puts it, “a sweet love song” that turns into “a 60s protest song”. He extends the song by repeating the final chorus, letting the track end at his own pace.

5. “It’s never happened before” (from Chaos and creation in the backyard2005)

From incorporating an old-sounding drum machine to changing the tempo a la “A Day in the Life,” one of McCartney’s best newer love songs wears his past influences on his sleeve.

“This Never Happened Before” is another declaration of love from a man who has surely sung countless love songs over his decades-long career. He sings That’s how it should be for lovers / They shouldn’t go it alone / It’s not so good when you’re all alone clarifying his position on the necessity of love.

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