10 great singles that weren’t originally released on a studio album


As the music industry shifts from plentiful physical album sales to a digital space filled with carefully curated playlists, the need for a hit song to be packed with a collection of others is minimal.

Services like Spotify and Amazon Music have made it possible for audiences to remove their favorite tracks from an album without giving the full release a chance.

Singles are the flavor of the future, but their significance has taken a long time, as there have been a plethora of fantastic tracks released outside of the parameters of a full studio album.

Known in the industry simply as “singles without an album,” songs that don’t appear on an artist’s latest CD are often reduced to an obscure relic of history, unless they are something. something really special. Being included in a studio recording ensures that a song is preserved, whereas if a song is released as a standalone song, there is more pressure for it to be both critically successful. and commercial.

Some are featured in a movie soundtrack and others have fallen victim to chance, but every once in a while a non-album single digs its claws into audiences everywhere, ensuring that their place in our hearts – and our heads – is preserved for years to come.

Although Love Will Tear Us Apart is often thought to have been featured on Joy Division’s debut album. Unknown pleasures, the iconic song was actually released as a non-album single. Unleashed on British audiences just a month after Ian Curtis’ suicide, he teased an interesting new direction that the band sadly couldn’t take.

Love Will Tear Us Apart is one of the defining tracks of the post-punk era and provided the band with their first hit UK single. His catchy chorus shouldn’t work as well as Curtis’ baritone pipes, but the singer’s voice adds a layer of sadness to a tune that seems too upbeat for the song’s dark themes.

Between the choruses, the 1980 song is short but heavy in substance. exploring Curtis’ struggles with everyday life and his battle with psychological issues, the heavy topics explored make dancing to the tune decidedly impossible, despite what the Wombats would have you believe.

While Love Will Tear Us Apart is surely set to feature on the band’s second album, Closer it was, oddly, missing from the tracklist. It didn’t matter, as she continued to build her legacy as one of Britain’s best songs.


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