10 Best Japanese Singles of March 2022


From indie rock outfits finally getting their big break, to huge hip-hop stars performing the biggest hits of their careers, March was another huge month for Japanese music.

We are only 3 months into the year and already these introductions are getting hard to write. You know the drill, new music has dropped, and we’ve narrowed down our picks for the top 10 Japanese singles from the past month that we think you should listen to.

Luby Sparks – Honey

Until now Luby Sparks went from strength to strength in 2022, dropping 3 singles, each sonically different from the previous one.

This time Darling wears the band’s pop influences on its sleeves by combining modern pop rock instrumentals with a 90s/00s vocal delivery similar to that of Andrea Corr or Natalie Imbruglia.

It’s another example of the versatility of Luby Sparks continuing to draw inspiration from a number of rock subgenres while maintaining its own musical identity.

Luby Sparks Honey Single Blanket

She She She She – Diagram X

The opening track of their new album Afterglow, X-diagram doesn’t stray from the trio’s basic cross-shoegaze synth-pop formula, but that’s by no means a bad thing.

The track features indie rock instrumentals with smooth, mellow vocals surrounded by phased, chiming synths with a towering ambient soundscape covering the end.

X-diagram is packed with little details that give you something new to admire with every listen.


awichJapan’s hip-hop queen released her long-awaited 4th studio album Queen this month, and despite being filled with rap and pop bangers, it was the powerful title track that left the biggest impression.

A heavy and passionate song produced by ex-THE LOWBROWS member Chaki Zulu, Awich is about the hardships she faced from a young age, the desire to leave Okinawa, the incarceration and then the murder of her husband in the United States, until being a single mother.

However, while the trail serves as a reminder for the things she’s been through, it’s far from hopeless. Despite everything, Awich shows her strength, her independence and her will to make her dreams a reality.

Awich Queendom


Release date: 03/04/2022
Label: Universal Music
Reach: Spotify | CD Japan

Creepy Nuts – パッと咲いて散って灰に (It suddenly blooms and scatters to ashes)

Since its creation in 2013 scary nuts managed to become one of the most outstanding talents in Japanese hip-hop.

Serving as the theme for the 94th Selected High School Baseball Tournament, It suddenly blooms and scatters to ashes is a track designed to inspire those who challenge themselves and face the battles of everyday life.

Multi rap-battle champion MC R-Shitei rocks his impeccable flow backed by a catchy beat, guitar and orchestral strings provided by DMC World Championship winner DJ Matsunaga.

scary nuts
It suddenly blooms and scatters to ashes

Release date: 03/09/2022
Label: Sony music labels inc.
Reach: Spotify | Apple Music


rock legends THE REAR HORN have been on a roll in recent months as they prepare to release their 13th album Anthology this April.

Released four new singles since December, their second last release Utopia managed to stand out from the crowd by combining the band’s alternative rock sound with groovy guitars and an eerie ambient backing.

chelmico – Meidaimae

The best friend hip hop duo chelmic are back with the piece of playful love Meidaimae.

A whimsical romantic rap on a chill instrumental with a fat rhythm provided by tofu beats, Meidaimae is the unmissable quiet hip-hop track.

chelmico single blanket Meidaimae


Release date: 03/18/2022
Reach: Spotify | Apple Music

Toko Miura – Watashi wa Anata

On the back of her award-winning performance as the heroine in Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s Academy Award-winning film drive my caractor and singer Toko Miura released their latest single Watashi wa Anata (I am you).

Produced, written and composed by Arimoto Kiichi of ODD Foot Works, the new single is an emotional piano-led track backed by ambient guitars, phased synths and dark horns that enhance Miura’s smooth performance.

Having gotten her first acting job in 2002 at just 6 years old, Toko Miura has starred in a wide range of Japanese TV dramas and movies over the years.

Debuting as a singer in 2015, she made waves internationally in 2019 when she joined RADWIMPS as guest vocalist on Makoto Shinkai soundtrack grow old with you.

Toko Miura
Watashi wa Anata

Release date: 03/18/2022
Reach: Spotify | Apple Music

Cody・Lee(李) – Setagaya-Daita

Before making their major label debut on Sony’s Ki/oon Music label later this year, the rock unit Cody・Lee(李) released their latest independent single, Setagaya-Daïta.

Charming, easy-listening indie rock, Setgagaya-Daita is a sweet love song intertwined with enchanting keyboards and soaring guitar solos.

The group will release their first major album Heart rate, love letter and kindness May 25.


Release date: 03/15/2022
Label: sakuramachi recordings
Reach: Spotify | Apple Music

DYGL – Waves

DYG back with their first single of 2022 Wavesbut although it’s new to us, it’s actually one of their oldest songs.

Beginning as an early demo track, the first version available online dates back to 2015, 2 years after Tokyo’s indie rock unit was formed.

Once a DIY recording filled with noisy distortion, Waves is now characterized by its relaxed guitars and its easy-listening melancholic voice, closer to the band’s recent work.

DYGL Waves Single Blanket

No bus – Waste 🙂

On the back of their chaotic 2021 single Residencealternative rock unit No bus fall Waste:)but despite the name, it’s actually quite good.

A short, sweet piece of distorted guitar rock in the same vein as Bloc Party and The Strokes, Waste:) manages to strike a sense of nostalgia while remaining fresh.


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